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Environmental Site Assessments

For investors and/or developers engaged in commercial real estate transactions, conducting an extensive Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a must. The Phase I ESA will provide a historical and current account of the property that can determine the presence of any environmental conditions or concerns that could make it unsuitable for acquisition. 

Applying the framework for industry standard ASTM E 1527-05, BuildSafe’s environmental consulting team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to conduct a thorough Phase I ESA, including:
  • Comprehensive environmental and property records review
  • Thorough site visit/inspection
  • Interviews with key site personnel and government officials
  • Complete report preparation
With BuildSafe’s turn-key Phase I ESA consulting services, clients can expect prompt site inspection visits and easy-to-read, no frills reporting to keep your acquisition project moving forward. Should the Phase I ESA investigation uncover the need for further investigation, Phase II ESA services are available to determine the presence and extent of environmental contamination.

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